Impossible? Here are my first Images

I am pleased to find endeavours to preserve and promote traditional photographic film technology.  To that end, I am pleased to be a small and modest contributor/supporter of the Impossible Project by incorporting the Polaroid-type imaging into my photographic methodology.  Here are the first 3 image results (#2 is really #3 and vise versa) made yesterday when I received my Spectra Pro and two packs of PZ +UV film in the mail.
#1 Rain Drops - looking up at an angle under the overhang of an office building.

# 2 A flowershop along Fort Street

#3 A convenience store that sells flowers on Blanchard Street.  I liked the flower display out front and the neon in the window.

I finished the first pack (8 photos/pack) whilst walking about downtown until it began to rain ... then I just caught the bus home.

 Discarded pepper and abandoned sofa noticed whilst taking the dog for a morning walk.


  1. Nice shots, i remember shooting my first pack of Impossible PX100 film and it was a real learning experience. I hope to see more :)


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