Well finally back on blogger banned in China. So if you were trying to reach me, I wasn't able to log on.
Ahhh yes, only a little time to go before my flight back to Victoria via Vancouver, been here since early this morning.
Good bye to the land of eating snake, eel, pig's knuckle, chicken feet, all of which I ate by the way.
Can't wait to try out my new Kung Fu tea set and some of the tea varieties I got. My students even gave me a very nice traditional Chinese shirt to wear.
Last night rushed to get some souvenirs. Picked up some really cool and versatile women's scarfs. Then picked up a couple of Gucci branded ladies wallets. One for my lovely young wife and one for our beautiful daughter. I sure hope they appreciate the trouble I went through to get this stuff.
Picked up specific labelled pens and a few electronic gizmos for the kids.


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