Watering Potatoes

I got up this morning and knew I wanted my usual Ex-Lg. coffee with cream from Tim Horton's.  But I wasn't clear as to where I wanted to make images.  I thought I'd pull out the Toyo 4x5 camera for this morning's outing.
As I was driving towards Dallas Rd I remembered a site I wanted to visit with my large format gear on the way to my son's baseball club. Turned around and headed for the junction of Carey Road and Wilkinson - just across the road from Saanich Baptist Church was a beautiful field of row upon row of potatoes and it was watering day.
I parked the car and lugged my gear across the road but to my dismay, I discovered a large fence and an entrance door with a commercial lock upon it.
I got my lens (Schneider 150mm) pretty close and made some black & white (Ilford Delta 100) and a few colour (Fuji) E6 images.
Metre reading for sunny with some cloud was around 1/8th of a second @ f/64 with ISO 100 film (I bracketed).  I wanted maximum depth of field for this type of image.
Processed the film, dried it and made some scans.  Here is one of the results.  Please let me know what you think.


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