2012 First images of the new year

Beautiful morning ... picked up a Tim Horton's coffee and then off to the bottom of Victoria ... and Canada ... Dallas road in the Clover Point area overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
As has become my custom over the past few years.  I like to begin the first day of each new year with my pinhole cameras.  This year I worked exclusively with my 4x5 Zero Image pinhole camera set at 100mm for a focal length and metered with my Sekonic L408 light meter.
Made six images with exposure times ranging from about 10 seconds to 15 seconds and processed the film in HC-110b for about 5 minutes @ 21 degrees Celsius.
I scanned the negs using my Epson V700 which does a very nice job and then with a little cropping and contrast control in Elements 7, uploaded a few to my flicker site.
I've attached one here below.  All in all it was a nice crisp and cold morning, cloudy, but the sun did make a brief appearance.
My motto this year:  Film is my therapy.


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