Why I prefer fibre photographic paper (FB) over Resin-coated (RC) paper

I like to use resin-coated (RC) paper for contact prints or when I just need a quick print.  RC is easy and quick to work with and the results are nice.
However, using fibre paper is my preferred choice because I like to workflow - which is quite demanding and involves several more steps if processing for optimum permanence.  Fibre paper is a lot of work if you want gallery-exhibition prints or something for the hands of a collector.
The feel of a well made fibre print also has a certain appeal especially after putting in so much work.
I am not claiming to be a master printer, although I strive to be one, - there are always things that I can learn.   Nevertheless, printing with fibre paper is a photographic working process that resonates with my approach and development as a fine-art photographer.
A negative aspect of fibre paper is the unreasonable high cost of the paper itself.  Thus, it is very important to be conservative and careful when working with this stuff, but I still make mistakes.


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