Saturday Night Pinhole Photography

Went down to the beach at Ogden Pt.  You can sure tell it's summer:  three huge cruise ships docked.
The temperature was finally decent (cool), so I was out to try out my Pinhole Blender cylinder cameras - like the ol' Quaker Oatmeal tins.  These have only one pinhole f/250 (0.03mm) and hold a curved sheet of 5x7 photo paper.
I made the first exposure for about 15 min. looking down along a piece of driftwood with the pier in the distance.
The second exposure was looking out towards the USA from a piece of driftwood with a feather sticking out.  I gave this camera a 30 min. exposure.  Using direct positive paper is sure slower than film.  The ISO is about 3!
Next morning ...
The images turned out okay, the bottom third was nicely exposed in both but as you move towards the top of the photographs it gets lighter and lighter and it looks like there was also so light leakage.
Oh well, at least I have something to show for my first attempts with these really neat cameras.
Whilst in the darkroom, I had the idea to try make a photographic print with the direct positive paper using a negative in an enlarger - neat result.  It seems ... if I'm not mistaken ... that the shorter exposure is the darker print ... hmmmm.


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