8x10 experience No. 2

Last weekend, I was loaned a generic 8x10 camera.  Working in larger formats is always attractive to me, my dream being to have my own 20x24 Polaroid/film camera someday.
Since I don't have any 8x10 sheet film, I loaded a piece of Ilford MG 4 RC 8x10 photo printing paper into the one side of the 8x10 film holder that was working!
This morning I took the camera out to one of my new discoveries, a drooping apple tree in Francis King Park.
The camera has a 240mm process lens (no shutter) stuck at about f/16.
I made 4 exposures of about 5 seconds each which was a little too short judging from the developed paper negative.  Perhaps 10 seconds would have been better.
Developed the negative soon after getting to my studio/darkroom at Xchanges and also made a bunch of 11x14 prints of a few earlier 4x5 negatives.  One of the same apple and one of dead salmon in Goldstream Park.  Images were printed on Ilford Warm-tone fibre @ grade 3 using Ilford's Multigrade filter kit.  Boy I love this paper, but I digress ...
Here is the image from the 8x10 which has been cropped due to light leaks and faulty holder.


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