World Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD) 2013

I look forward to this day ... a day when I can get out with a camera(s) is generally a good day and the 28th of April 2013, was a fine weather day :)
I worked the usual place ... Gov't House, but only with 4x5 large format Harman Titan pinhole and Zero Image 4x5 pinhole cameras.  I made a few attempts with my pinhole 100 loaded with expired (08/2009) 664 film and only got one so-so image from it.
Instead of film, I worked with Ilford direct positive fibre paper in my 4x5 holders.
This paper tends to produce images with a high contrast and of course the images are reversed!
I metered with my Sekonic L-408 and extrapolated from the maximum aperture reading of f/90.
Here are some results and I'd sure be glad if you folks cared to comment and lead others to this site :)
Take Care,



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