26 April 1988
Marnie S. ... mental illness.
26 April 2013 Here is an image I made early evening at Finnelyson Point just below Beacon Hill in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.
It was not a cold Friday evening, nice, a bit windy which made for some good wave action upon the rocks.
4x5 direct positive fibre paper print made inside of my Harman-Titan 4x5 pinhole camera.
Photography is a good therapy.
As the sun set I made my exposures ... this one took about 30 minutes.
Then I sat atop the ocean high up the hill overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca as the lights of Port Angeles came up in the United States.  Darkness marches forward and the breeze was refreshingly cool with the characteristic ocean smell and feel.
On the beach below some people had constructed a rough shelter with a fire going inside.
Time keeps marching forward ... 25 years and counting ... and there is nothing I can do but commend her to the arms of Jesus.
The good news is that we will meet again :)


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