Colour Pinhole Extremes

Inspired by the colourful Rhododendrons, I had to get out and about with my pinhole cameras.  Finnerty Garden at UVic and Beacon Hill Park proved to be wonderful photographic venues.
I used the extreme wide-angle of 25mm on my Zero Image 4x5 camera loaded with Fujichrome transparency film.
I don't always work with colour transparency film because of (a) the cost; and (b) it is very unforgiving of exposure mistakes - very short exposure latitude.  This opportunity for exposure error is most acute with transparency film and pinhole cameras in my opinion.
Anyway, was in the darkroom today printing and I remembered that a local photo shop had my transparency back from a lab in Vancouver.  I put the printing on hold, caught a bus and picked up the film.  Here are a few scanned examples.
Regarding exposure, I do use light metres, both Sekonic, to give me a base reading from which to extrapolate the very tiny pinhole aperture exposures, e.g., f/138 for the 25mm focal length setting on the Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera.
Please let me know what you think and tell others to stop by if you don't mind :)
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