146th Saanich Fair

The 146th Saanich Fair began yesterday and runs for three days as usual.
The Saanich Fair, 1528 Stelleys Cross Road in Central Saanich on the little peninsula with Victoria city at the very bottom.
This year as last, I arrived in the mid-afternoon as my goal was to photograph the midway rides in motion and with their lights a flashing.
I met a fellow photographer ... Kate, and we began the photography with iTouch ... that's right digital imaging on a small scale.
Then onto the real photography.  This year I was working with my Mamiya 645 AF and the 55mm - 110mm zoom lens along with the Arsat 30mm lens.
Today, I processed three rolls of Acros 100 and they look fine and there may be a few interesting images to print.
Processed in HC-110(B) @ ~22.5℃ - at Studio 05 - Xchanges.
I look forward to signs of autumn just like the breaking forth of daffodils and crocuses mark the coming of spring, the Saanich Fair is an indication of school beginning and autumn around the corner.
Went through the commercial avenue and picked up some of Slugget's delicious corn and some on-the-vine tomatoes from the Glandford Nursery.  Finally, as tradition would have it ... I purchased an over priced bag of mini donuts to take home to my wonderful family ... I am really blessed :)


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