Arrival in China

Well, here I am.
I landed in China on the 12 of September 2013.
And have now been here for a little over a week.
Can't say that it has been a good landing and settling in experience.
I live in Vantone area of TEDA - Tianjin Economic Development Area.  A suburb of Tianjin proper about an hour away or less.  And then another couple of hours to reach Beijing.  Unless of course you take the bullet train, which if I'm not mistaken only takes 90 minutes or less from here.
This area is newly developed, less than 20 years ago it was farm land!
Here are a few iTouch shots as I did not bring the Mamiya with me.  These are from my first day here.

Here are more during the National Holiday Week in late Sep - early Oct.


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