Back in China

Left Monday from YYJ with mixed feelings about tearing myself away from the people and community I am quite attached to.
This decision is not one I wanted to make.  I walk around and try to take in the surrounding environment as much as possible, enjoy every last breath and sight of my home and native land before I board that plane.
After more than 12 hours in transit I had a bit of a break at the Beijing airport whilst I waited to board a bus to Tanggu, a place a short taxi ride (25 quai) from my apartment.  However, I was surprised at how bitterly cold it was and the bus was cold as well.  I only had a bunny-hug on and a couple of t-shirts.  I was also surprised when the bus finally arrived and dropped us off literally in the middle of nowhere.  Thankfully a Chinese lady who spoke English offered to share her taxi with me as there were a few there, and I made it home alright.  The bus was a new experience for me and economical to boot.
Next day took my Mamiya 645 AF with the 55-110mm zoom into Tianjin - Heping Lu district to continue work on my Hung-Out-To-Dry portfolio series.  But to my surprise there were not many people around and the bitter cold was ever present - but I don't mind, I would rather have the cold than boiling hot, humid weather.  Anyway, not much to photograph, headed home, grabbed a bit a McD, then went shopping as I threw out everything before I left for Canada back in January.
Now I type this from my desk at the school, it appears that I am the only teacher here!  I didn't know what to expect, but I wanted to get a jump on some work.
Have a job interview for casual photographer at UVic, 11:00am there time, 3:00am my time!  Hope it goes well and they don't need me till July.
Well, I've got a couple of rolls to develop and should look at my visual arts 10 curriculum.
Here is a picture I shot with my iTouch from the BMT train yesterday on the way back to TEDA from Tianjin city.  It bears some resemblance to the one below shot from the ferry at Crofton, British Columbia.


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