Chasing Ghosts

Well almost my first week back in the studio completed. [I teach all art classes]
It feels somewhat uneasy and yet I don't mind being an art teacher despite my many shortcomings not having any academic background in the education of art.  True I am a fine-art photographer ... with a passion for art ... does this count?  I am having to appreciate and learn art education quickly.
I may have mentioned this before, but to my surprise my class assignment changed only a couple of days before the first day of the second semester began.  I was slotted to teach Social Studies, but got moved to Art Foundations 11 & 12.  I've been trying to get it all together.  I suppose there wouldn't be so much pressure if I did not have to conform to all the Ministry of Education - British Columbia Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs), with laid out unit plans.
One more thing, the art teacher who was suppose to come ... did not show up ... so once again I am the whole art department.  Unlike other areas where a department head has years of experience in his subject and where everything is laid out basically day-by-day ... literally.  Everything has already been tried and tested, it is just a matter of presentation and there are other experienced teachers to support the teaching endeavour.  Not so in my situation; just me, myself and I, but it is okay, I don't mind my subject areas.
Nevertheless, I am left to scour the ghosts of art lessons and materials past.  Thankfully there is some stuff to help me along and I am coming up with a few ideas as well from some invaluable websites - thank you Jennifer.  
The Elements & Principles of Design/Art are really useful and interesting to any artist in any discipline (IMHO), this is basically my emphasis for whatever branch of artwork we do in my classes.
One more thing ... my classes are HUGE!  Last semester I had one art class of around 25 students, now I have four with about 130 students.  Seems like everyday this week I have new students joining an art class.  I'm above capacity and am now a bit concerned over resources, although I did find another stash of sketchbooks.
My grade tens are currently working on abstract letter design - typography, while my grade eleven and twelve students are working on flipbook animations [Winsor McCay - Gertie the Dinosaur 1914]  animation sure has come a long way in 100 years.
Well got to get a handle on the big picture, get those lesson plans done for each class and don't forget the PLOs.
If anyone out there has practical ready-to-use BC curriculum ideas, units and/or lessons, I sure could use them.
One week down and ~ 17 to go.


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