Last week Friday 31st January 2014 - headed up to Jim's place in Maple Bay and from there we headed out to Crofton to catch the ferry across to Vesuvius port on Salt Spring Island for some large format photography.
On the short ferry ride which was about 20 minutes, I noticed the pulp mill in Crofton chugging away and snapped this with my Fuji XF-1 little digital camera.
The lighting on the island was mixed, so didn't really get excited about the scenery till just before it was time to head back, the low angle of the soft sunlight finally gave some character to the otherwise drab scenery.  Here is a sample made with my Toyo 45 AII and my Schneider 150/5.6 lens on ILFORD Delta 100 film..
We had a nice day, it was my first time over to that island.


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