A New Chapter

Well this week another teacher trickled into our midst.  He will be providing relief for a lot of us including myself.  He will be taking over one of my Visual Arts classes as of Monday (24 March 2014).
I still have a mountain of work and still have it pretty quiet up in the fourth floor wing, which I am use to and like at this point.
We began our umbrella painting project with the Art Fdts students and this is going well.  I love the buzz of activity with gesso and acrylics moving about the various circular surfaces.
With the visual arts students we started to look a bit at art history which will culminate with students reproducing a piece from their research that inspires them and interests their artistic acumen.
I spent today working at a foster care home for abandoned children and wish I had known more about the situation as I could have perhaps planned to bring some activities.
We built some paper aeroplanes and coloured them, which was fun while it lasted :)


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