I beg your indulgence ...

I would like to briefly introduce myself to those few souls who I am grateful for taking some time out of their day to have a look at my blog postings.
Bob St. Cyr is who I am (and I don't like green eggs with ham).
I completed a BA in Archaeology/Anthropology at the University of Saskatchewan  (U of S), and was quite involved in some of the province's earliest occupation field excavations.  I have published articles in the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society newsletter as well as in their Journal of Archaeology.  I have even had the pleasure of giving a presentation at their annual meeting with a bunch of my professors in the audience - a little awkward for a 20 something student - but a great experience.
I also completed my B.Ed. degree at U of S after having taught English for several years in Japan.  I began English teaching in Japan without much of an education background and as a teacher over there I also had a chance to reflect upon my career and felt the need to better myself as a teacher, which has lead me down the road of life-long learning.  After completing my B.Ed. degree I was accepted into the Masters programmes at both the University of Victoria and the University of Calgary.  We chose Victoria, since they responded first and in the autumn of 2000 I received my M.Ed. degree from the University of Victoria (UVic).
My interest has been along the lines of integrating technology - primarily online teaching/learning.  However, because of my experience at UVic and the fact that I also practice as a fine-art photographer, I was given the opportunity to teach photography in the Art Education department of the Faculty of Education, which really began to change the way I viewed art.  With the help of iTunes U and sharing an office and workspace with other artists, I really began to appreciate art as a viable teaching option.  And not only that, it felt good in my soul to be apart of the artistic educational milieu at UVic and though my connections as a fine-art photographer.
Now as a high school art teacher my learning curve has really become dynamic.  A fellow large-format photographer friend from up island recently commented on my particular teaching situation by saying something like I will probably learn things as an art teacher that I would not be able to learn if not for my current situation; I agree.
Currently I am a high school art teacher at Maple Leaf International School located in TEDA-Tianjin Economic & Development Area, which is a satellite community of Tianjin city.  Tianjin is about 40 minutes by bullet train from Beijing - China's capital city.


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