Painted Umbrellas, Body Cast Sculptures & Pinatas

Tape Sculpture

Students working on
umbrella art
van Gogh style
Umbrella Art
With VAG grade 10s, I focus primarily upon the elements & principles of art and do a lot of work in their sketchbooks, i.e., line, form, space, colour theory, art history and wrap up with painting and charcoal sketching.
With Art Fdts however, it extends over both terms.  We do a lot more art projects and the most recent two have drawn a lot of attention from fellow British Columbia teachers, other students and visitors to the school.  Just this past week, we had the principal from the biggest school in our system visit and I think he was trying to recruit me, much to the dismay of my own principal when I told him.
Students working in hallway
outside of studio on umbrella ar

These last few weeks have been quite busy with the Art Foundations (Fdts) 11/12 students, and wrapping up the term with a group of Visual Arts General (VAG) 10 and starting with a new batch of VAG 10 students.
The painted umbrella project is by far the biggest "buzz" right now.  We strategically placed them in a narrow three storey section of the school where everyone must pass through in and out of the school grounds.
The body-cast sculpting project is just wrapping up with catwoman lurking from the third floor near a classroom wing, there are ballerinas, a girl reading, a one horned, multi-armed monster and a very awesome hanging upside down wrapped mummy with a realistic burial mask.
Pinatas for Mexico presentation
working with colleague from
another department

Now, for a little bit of Mexican culture we are building Pinatas.  It is my hope that I can connect with the elementary school and have some of their kids enjoy the fun of breaking the Pinatas to get at the treats inside.
I know I am far from being a great art teacher, but I sure love my job.  I just wish I had the opportunity for more classes specifically dedicated to being an art teacher and an artist, i.e., finish my PhD with an arts-mental health emphasis.


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