WPPD with Yula

Looking up from the floor to a ceiling
 pattern in the mall
Had a great opportunity to take pictures with Yula (Liu, Yu) who is from Tianjin, China.  Made images with my Zero Image 69 set at the 645 setting.  We made images at the Tianjin Railway Station and in a section of the city that is thriving with cultural venues, i.e., Tianjin Museum.  They have a lot of impressive architecture in this area of the city.
Stay tuned for pinhole images but in the mean time, a digital one.
Skating-Galaxy Mall,Tianjin
After we had a late lunch, I made a few more images and then we went ice skating, and had a wonderful time, until I went solo and fell with figure skates I was wearing, scraped up left arm and right leg a little and dislocated right arm, but after hospital visit, on the slow mend.  A painful experience, but a wonderful day before my crash to the ice.


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