First week back

Well as of today, I've been back home in Canada for one week.  It started with a big thud - literally my daughter got a concussion and fractured her wrist in a figure skating accident.  She is okay and making a recovery.  But no sooner than I got back and was trying to adjust my sleep schedule, I had to wake her every two hours that first night.
Visited UVic to touch base with my boss and see the office staff - get my bearings and start to prepare for the following week when I'll be teaching a morning class of Chinese post-secondary instructors.  Thankfully I have QQ and have been invited to join the group they have created just for this programme.  Hope the next 3 weeks and 30 hours of instruction go well.  I've got the research librarian booked for two sessions next week and most of my photocopying is completed.  Today picked up some coloured string, stick-on letters/numbers and popsicle sticks - a way to make pairs of students.
Wednesday morning happened to meet Jim S. at Camera Traders, I handed over a cheque at his SUV and he gave me the large format sheet film I ordered several months earlier 150 sheets of ILFORD Delta 100 and 50 sheets of HP5+, two of my favourite films.
It was so nice to drive to Tim Horton's get my coffee, and then drive off to Gov't House where I like to sit with my Mamiya C330f on the high terrace overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the snow capped mountains in Washington state USA.
I was quite pleased to work through two rolls of film Pan F and Acros 100 and I found two new and interesting subjects:  a dead tree that up close through the TTL viewfinder looked like an elephant with tusks and close-up of spiny green plant.
Since I don't have a darkroom/studio anymore, I may be able to process film here at home, but printing images will be a challenge.
Monday the start of three week teaching assignment 0830-1020 at UVic


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