The Last Roll of Colour Infrared Film in Canada?

PhotoEd magazine out of Toronto has published my photos and a short article on my experience using a very, very rare film: colour infrared transparency film.
I shot the roll last summer (2017) in Victoria & Langford British Columbia, CANADA on a beautiful sunny day with my Nikon FM2n and yellow & orange filters
on a 28-105mm Nikkor zoom lens mounted upon a modest tripod.
It was a roll of Kodak EIR that I had purchased about a decade ago but never got around to using it until last summer when I resolved to get it out and get to work with it.
As one will note from a cursory look online, the film is not in large supply, outdated and extremely over-priced. Anyway, if anyone is interested in seeing what I've done, they should pick up a copy of the Spring 2018 issue of PhotoEd magazine.

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