First time Processing E6

Today, just a day after my first experience working with wet plate collodion at Mouat Secondary here in Abbotsford, I got to process my very first Fujichrome slide film (E6) at the Higham's darkroom using their JOBO CPP2 processor. It makes a huge difference having consistently controlled temperature and agitation.
Even though the chemistry was expired as of 2011 - it appears to have functioned appropriately.
The film is now hanging in the darkroom and initial indications look good, i.e., green appears green.
I couldn't have done this without the help of Ed who told me what amounts of chem to mix with water, helped keep the timer set, provide the right amount of chemistry for me to pour in, it truly was a team effort - thanks, Ed.
This process was new to both of us, we started with one roll of 120 and after that worked out, I loaded two rolls on the special JOBO reel and this worked out as well, so three rolls of 120 in total. I forgot to bring my phone in order to take a photo of the film drying, but will follow-up to this post within a week. When I can get back over there.
Here is a photo of what one of these processors looks like.


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