Some of the Films that I Shoot

Here is an image of some of the films I use.

I work primarily with medium and large format lens and pinhole cameras. One of my "goto" films is ILFORD'S HP5 plus in all formats, I not only enjoy the easy of exposure but the ease of developing this well-rounded monochrome film. It is also the film I would advise my students to start with when instructing an undergraduate photography class.
For low ISO film, it's a toss-up between Fuji's ACROS 100 and ILFORD'S Delta 100. I love the packaging and presentation of the Acros, it also (IMHO) produces some fabulous tonality. Whether I feel like using some of my precious stock of ACROS or Delta 100, I enjoy the tonality range and acutance of both films. I've recently started to use a new film to myself called Kentmere 100 and so far, I am impressed with the results.
When working with colour, my preference is for transparency film and this means either Fujifilm's Velvia or Provia. I am leaning more towards Provia these days and I like good, rich colours, but don't feel the need to overemphasise this aspect of the subject(s). I like using these colour films in my pinhole cameras.
For very special situations, I will also use Kodak's Technical Pan and one of my new favourites, colour infrared film if it can be secured at a workable price point.

Here is an image from my 120-pinhole blender camera made with colour transparency film

Here is an image made
with Kodak IR colour
film in 135 format.

Here is an image made
with Kentmere 100 film
in 135 format


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