Stave Lake Historical PowerHouse

I was out again at one of my favourite photo sites last Saturday 16th March 2019 working with my Mamiya 645 Pro and the matching 24mm lens.  The camera was loaded with expired (03/2001) Kodak Verichrome Pan film.
Here are a few of the images I made.

Stave Lake Historical Hydro Power Plant
I first became acquainted with the British Columbia Hydro's (BC-Hydro), Stave Lake Power Plant early in 2018.  I cannot recall exactly how I found out about it, was it personal research into photographic possibilities in the Fraser Valley or a mention from an acquaintance.  At any rate, I bought the annual membership and consider it one of life's better investments in line with buying a fishing license.
The PowerHouse has wonderful friendly staff who began to recognise me after a while since I visit the place often.  I find it to be a very peaceful place to collect one's thoughts and work and make some images.  The acoustics are not ideal, but that is not what draws me to the place.  If it is cold, windy, wet & rainy outdoors, you can enjoy the calm, dry, washroom-provided facility.  There are four sections to the plant:  1) entrance & gift shoppe; 2) theatre; 3) hydro-power displays and demonstrations; and finally, the turbine floor featuring the five hydro turbines that attract not only still photographers such as myself, but movies as well that have used the facility in the past.
My photographic explorations at Stave Power is an ongoing challenge of a visual interpretation for a finite site.  I return several times looking for new and aesthetic ways to capture the various pieces of machinery and memorabilia that dates back to the beginning portion of the 20th century. [added 16 August, 2019]


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