The Last Days of Spring Break 2019

This is the last week of Spring Break and since I couldn't go anywhere exotic like Hawaii or Cuba like some of the other staff, I focused on my current area in the Lower Fraser Valley.
It was a pleasure to see my son Ken for a day as he came over to get his taxes done and drop off some film and chemistry I had him pick up for me in Victoria.
On Wednesday and Thursday, I headed out to Golden Ears Provincial Park about an hour from Abbotsford and just north of Maple Ridge.
On Wed. got there and started hiking with my 11Kg 4x5 backpack at about 8:45 and took my time getting up to the Lower Falls. Along the way, the shoreline extended out into Gold Creek to form a small pebbled beach with a spectacular view of a snow peppered mountain range in the West. I just had to stop and make some shots here. I carefully metred with my Sekonic L-608 and was anchoring the camera with my Sirui 2204X c-fibre tripod. I set my Schneider 150mm/f5.6 lens at f/45 @ ~3 seconds and got a reasonable image although the mid and foreground could use some more exposure. However, when I processed most of the sheets of this scene, I wasn't impressed with the results. From the time I left the parking lot till I got back to have lunch in the back of "Ruby" (My Hyundai-Tuson) was about 4 hours. I took my time, looked and occasionally stopped if an image was calling me to be made.
On Thur. I got better results. I took audio notes both days as well which I refer to for writing purposes.
Golden Ears is a place you want to get to early in the morning when it is still cool for hiking and there are not a lot of people. I think this is a very popular park in Greater Vancouver, so it attracts a lot of people. They were not too much of an inconvenience but was forced to wait to make certain images whilst little people frolicked at the water's edge.
You can see some of my work either on my Instagram or Facebook pages. But below are also a few samples.

The well-groomed path to the lower falls made hauling a heavy load a little easier and I couldn't help but notice to the left and right of the path, all the moderately recent forest growth amidst the fallen trees overcome with beautiful green mosses and grandpa's beard swaying in the gentlest of breezes. It indeed is a beautiful place even just to look without making any photographs. I also saw some very, very large tree stumps which made me think of that the forest I am seeing now is not the forest of 100 years ago. I wonder what it must have been like to see those gigantic trees towering high into the sky like highrises in downtown Calgary. Anyway, I love being out in nature and blessed with health, camera gear and pockets full of film and Ziploc bags with loaded sheet film holders. Because of its popularity, I probably won't go too often until Autumn sets in and the busy season is over once again. I guess I am a solitary creature when out-and-about photographing although sometimes I like the company of fellow photographers. Anyway, the next spot I want to explore is Alouette Lake and the tree stumps.

So here we are at the weekend before school starts up again. Well, I hope to make my wife a wonderful brunch to wake up to and perhaps process some more of my backload of film.
Follow the LIGHT John 8:12


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