The Nikkor 75mm f/4.5

Yesterday was the second opening day of the Stave Lake Historic Powerhouse ... and it was Saturday. So after making something to eat for my wife and me, cleaning up the dishes and starting the laundry, I packed up my 4x5 Toyo and also grabbed my anamorphic pinhole camera to spend my first shooting session of the year at the Stave. It was also the first chance I had to work with my new to me Nikkor 75mm f/4.5 lens. I have been very happy with my 210mm Nikkor and this new lens hasn't disappointed as you will see from the film I processed and have only just scanned for now.
The ILFORD HP5 plus film is great to work with and processes very well in Kodak HC-110 dilution B. @ 5.30 minutes/20.9 degrees Celcius. My Sekonic L-608 light metre and Sirui 2204 tripod worked beautifully as well. It's such a privilege and blessing to have the tools I have and be able to access different venues to work in.
As well as paying my yearly fees, I also dropped off the poster featuring my work from the powerhouse it was my first exhibition of the year at the Abbotsford Arts Council Gallery - The Kariton just in front of the popular Mill Lake. They were happy to have it and I'm glad to share it.
So here are a few of the results from yesterdays outing.


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