Alouette Lake

20th April 2019 I finally made it to Alouette Lake North of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. It was a bright, warm sunny day with only light cloud coverage once in a while. I was working with my Mamiya 645 Pro and the 55mm Prime, 24mm fish-eye, and a few images were made with the 55-110mm zoom. I took a few images with my Nikon FM2n and a few record snaps with my iPhone. I used my Sekonic L-408 to metre the scenes.
It was great seeing all these old stumps on the beach and some protruding into the waters of the lake. My understanding is that the lake was engineered to provide water for Stave Lake where there is a hydro-power generating plant. So this causes the water to rise and infringe upon areas that were once just part of the nearby forest.
I was working with ILFORD HP5plus (one of my favourite films) metred for ISO 400. Honestly, I didn't think I was having a very successful photo outing. The sun was harsh and hot and I was using a film that was way too fast for the type of lighting I was working with. Nevertheless, once my film was processed I was quite relieved to see beautifully exposed negatives and they have turned into lovely scans as you can see here. Now I can't wait to get into the darkroom and craft some fibre prints.


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