Washi-S (sound recording film)

Today the Darkroom Group outing met at the Stave Lake Historical Powerhouse for a photo-shoot. The members that
attended brought different cameras which were nice to see, such as Nikon F100, Horseman 45A, Mamiya 645 Pro & C330, and Canon 35mm.
Along with my Mamiya 645 Pro, I also brought my Nikon F2 with the Thingfy pinhole lens. Once I put the Nikon away and got out the Mamiya, I loaded it with a new film to me: Washi-S (ISO 50) in the 120 format. Washi-S is a sound recording film with a very firm base and super high contrast coupled with very fine grain.
I could not find any data on the processing protocol, so I just made up my own. In the past, I processed quite out-dated Verichrome Pan in HC-110 dilution H (1:62), so I did the same for this film only I used 9:30 minutes at 20 degrees Celcius. It worked although I think 10 minutes would have been a bit better or my exposures could have been longer - I don't think I correctly compensated for reciprocity failure. Nevertheless, I got some useable images from the roll which I share here. The scans look okay, but the real proof will be in the silver-gelatin prints.


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