Art Box Zurich ... I'm In

I submitted a few humble pieces of my photography to a juried art exhibition in Zurich Switzerland and just found out today that some of my work will be shown at the exhibition.
Its been an interesting week, first an honourable mention and now this.  I know ... I know nothing earth shattering like, but it is still nice to have my work acknowledged.
The image is the same one from the previous post about the PX3-Paris honourable mention.
And this image is from light shining through dilapidated portions of isolated sections of the Great Wall of China.  There are many shrubs and trees that grow
along the Wall.  I just thought it was interesting how the dark side of the Wall was intermittently light up through the broken sections of the Wall.  I used my Nikon FM2n with a 28-105mm lens to make the image.


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