PowerHouse Pinhole Photography

This past Saturday (31st August 2019), I visited the Stave Lake Historical Power House site - one of my favourite places in the Fraser Valley to photograph.  This time, however, I was working solely with pinhole cameras:  my Zero Image 45 large format and the Pinhole Blender 120 format camera.
It was the second time I visited with pinhole cameras, the first time I considered my processed film with the audio notes I made using my iPhone and determined that most of my exposures were too long.  I made some adjustments and got workable negatives this time.  The Pinhole Blender film will have to wait as it is Fuji Velvia 100F - an E6 process.
Here are a few sample scans.

This is generator #5, the last and biggest one installed at the facility.  It is a double-francis turbine hydroelectric generator.
Zero Image 45 - Fuji Acros 100 sheet film
f/138 @ 20 seconds, focal length was 25mm

This is a washroom facility that is only for display these days.  Although it provided a very important function, I just found the porcelain construction and style somewhat photogenic
Zero Image 45 - Fuji Acros 100 sheet film
f/216.5 @ 45 seconds, focal length was 75mm


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