Art Box Zurich 1.0

This year (2019), I paid my Euros for the opportunity to have my images juried for digital display at a big exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland with the Art Box organisation.  Their next show is in Miami, Florida, but I think I'll pass.
Its always hard to put one's work out there and with all the sacrifice, effort, commitment and expense to receive nothing in return but silence.
Anyway, I suppose people would perchance catch a glimpse of my images as they fade in and out on a special Samsung display screen amidst a plethora of other images ... not the best or ideal way to display one's work that's for sure.
Why did I do it?
I guess I have this silly hope that someone ... a mover and/or shaker in the art world will "discover" me; told you it was silly.
Oh well, I keep pressing on photographically because it is an integral part of who I am as a visual artist and the accolades or lack thereof from man will not change that.


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