End of October Skies

The last few weekends of October proved to be especially pleasant and the cool high-pressure system over the Fraser Valley and northwest up into Golden Ears gave rise to some great photogenic weather.
It was during the Saturday of the second to last weekend of the month that I loaded my Toyo and Canon AE-1 Program into the Kia for a trip to Gold Creek with a stop at Alouette Lake.  I was using ILFORD Delta 100 sheet film in the Toyo and Velvia 50 in the Canon.
Although not desirable when one must force oneself out of bed to plug into the weekly grind, getting up early does pay off in a few ways:  (a) avoid throngs of people; (b) angle of the sun is still low in the sky; (c) good chance of low hanging cloud/fog; and (d) you can get a lot done before noon.
So on the way to Gold Creek in Golden Ears Park, I stopped off at Alouette Lake to photograph the tree stumps protruding through the water line near the shore, when I happened to see a pretty white sailboat drifting by.  I hastily got my camera prepped and was able to squeeze off a few sheets of film before it became too small in the distance.  What added to the image was the low hanging cloud that accentuated the overall mood.


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