Film Ferrania P30 - A Film Aficionado's Experience

I was pleased yesterday to receive my order of Film Ferrania's P30.  This is an Italian company and I was really glad they had their film available to the Canadian market.
As a film aficionado, these results are not scientific and may vary on the basis of some of the following factors:  water chemistry, camera metering system, processing temperature, and lighting conditions.  Therefore, these results are initial and may vary next time I am working with this film.  I suspect there may be an issue with my camera metering system, so this is something I'll be looking into as well as possibly adding 30 seconds to my processing time.
The film has a very smooth feel, unlike other conventional films I have used.  It loaded very easily and dries with little curl, which makes it less difficult to scan.
Today, I exposed a roll, processed, cut and scanned it and share some of the results below.  The lighting was late morning with dissipated cloud cover and sunshine.
First, my processing data based upon a 135 format film using 300ml of chemistry per roll.

Next, the negatives on my light table with a bit of contrast/brightness adjusted.

Finally, here are some of the images with some contrast and cropping adjusted in PhotoShop Elements.


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