Mike Creek Falls

30th November 2019
I visited just inside Golden Ears Park driving into the first left-side parking area where people can water and harness their horses.  But it also has a vehicle parking area.
I was looking for Mike Creek Falls which had eluded me last time I visited the park as I went way too far into the park up to the actual Mike Creek, which isn't anywhere close to the falls!
Anyway, after hiking ... and hiking ... you get the picture, I was getting tired of lugging my 11 Kg camera bag with a 35mm Canon A-1 w/ A1 winder around my neck.  I gave up ... I started back toward the parking lot ... at least a 25-minute walk and as I was crossing back over a small stream, I noticed a side path ... I followed it and to my relief, there were the falls.
I unloaded my gear set up and went to work with my Canon and then the Toyo 45AII cameras.
The water wasn't running in high volume, but still very nice.  I made several 35mm images and then turned my attention to my large format gear, but not before sitting down to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy my coffee.  Large fairly flat rocks made an excellent area to rest and reflect on the area.
I got the film home and processed only to notice that the sheets had been ruined with a diagonal fog line ... I had noticed this earlier with some of my Alouette Lake images but wasn't sure what it was.  I opened the Toyo bellows and pointed towards a light source and sure enough, light leaks all along the bellows seams.  I suppose this happens to all things with moving parts.  I chatted with a good friend and ordered a new bellows which arrived after a week, today we finally got the new one mounted onto the camera and not I hope this lasts me the rest of my existence on this planet.
I'm just disappointed because the images I made from the 30th of November, were really good negatives - things really worked well.

Fast forward to yesterday (14th December 2019), and I visited the Falls again, but this time with the medium/small format backpack carrying my Mamiya 645 Pro and Nikon FM2n cameras.  The Falls were flowing at torrential speeds, which must be from all the rain runoff that we've been having lately ... not a lot of sunshine to speak of and the 14th was no exception, it was cloudy and could have burst into a downpour at any moment.  It was a very overcast morning and with the Falls flowing so powerfully, there was the spray on the lenses to contend with.  Regardless I managed to get some images on ILFORD HP5plus from the Mamiya.  I only took a few with the Nikon and those will have to wait.  The other roll was Rollei IR and that will have to wait for now.


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