Vintage Camera Repair

Today a photography friend and I headed into the Dunbar-Southlands area of Vancouver to visit Horst Wenzel camera repairman extraordinaire.  Of German heritage, he is a master of German camera repair, thus, there isn't a vintage Leica or Rollei this man cannot handle.  On top of all this, he is also a highly skilled craftsman with other brand manual cameras such as those from Canon, Nikon, and Pentax to name just a few.  I am so grateful to be introduced to Horst as he has, in the past, serviced my Mamiya C330 and from this most recent trip, my Canon FTb QL.  
I just love working with the FTb, it's so simple and easy to use.  I've got a few Canon and a few Nikon cameras and although 35mm photography is not my emphasis, I do enjoy working with the various models from time to time.  So am I a Nikon or Canon guy? 

... I'm a NiCan guy 🙂


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