First Exhibition of the New Year

Tonight at The Reach Art Gallery and Museum in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada the Darkroom Group opened its first show in the Studio room of the gallery.  The opening coincided with another show happening in the main portion of the gallery.
As a group, we submitted 20 pieces and 20 pieces are hanging neatly and orderly upon the walls.  I prepared the artist biography album and with each person's contribution, it looks well done.  As our first exhibition as a group, I think this is a very good learning experience for us regarding getting our work out in front of the public and hope we can do more in the very near future.  Here are my two submissions ...
Unfortunately, not all of the artists could make it because some of them come from as far away as the Delta and Richmond area.  But we have our group meeting this Saturday, so looking forward to seeing the gang there.
Met some new people and introduced them to our work as well as a gentleman named Wallace who shoots and processes his own colour film - his Instagram is brilliant.
I did not mention it, but the opening happened amidst the shadow of the loss of one of our members ... Dennis.  All I can say in these instances is that I hope he knew our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.


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