Recently, I produced my first zine (refer to a previous post) and decided to send some of them out to folks out there doing vodcasts and podcasts. Mike Raso at the grand-daddy of film photography podcasts: Film Photography Project/Podcast mentioned me at the end of episode 242 on 14 Feb. 2020

Next Mike Gutterman from Kentucky of the Negative Positives Podcast shared my zine on his Facebook weekend facecast (29 Feb 2020)at¬if_id=1582979283050229¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic_tagged

Slowly but surely getting the work out there. Regarding exhibitions, I have two new ones coming up in Langley, British Columbia next month ... hah ... if this was a different year I would already be saying "this" month. So, how will you spend this extra day in February?


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