Artist against Boredom

These unprecedented times are a call for artists to step up and help deter against feelings of restlessness and boredom.  Further to my early post about lumen printing, here are a few more illustrated details.
Through my modest Instagram presence and here on the blog I've tried to do something for the international community and here is something that has worked out quite nicely and is extremely easy to perform.  This is just one activity and I know there are a plethora of others out there as well; hope this one is doable for you and brightens your day and those around you 😊
If perchance you just happen to have some old photographic paper stowed away, this little project is something you might find interesting.
Step 01 - take out an unused photo frame and remove the backing
Step 02 - place some small, soft organic matter on the glass face of the frame
               you may choose to be creative and think of other things that could be
               used that when compressed will not break the glass.
Step 03 - place the photo paper with the shiny side facing the items on the glass,
                the side that would normally be exposed when making a darkroom 
Step 04 - replace the backing into the picture frame and compress the items
               between the glass and photo paper 
Step 05 - place the picture frame in direct sunlight for about 90 minutes 
Step 06 - carefully remove the photo paper from the frame and give the paper a 
               quick water wash
Step 07a - if not concerned with image permanence: place the photo paper into a
                 scanner to make a digital image
Step 07b - if you want a permanent image, after washing the print, place it into a
                 photographic fixing bath for 2-3 minutes 
Step 08 - thoroughly wash the print for at least 10 minutes in a tray of running
               water.  Empty and fill the tray several times during the wash.
Step 09 - hang prints to dry
Step 10 - to flatten the print you might consider pressing it between heavy books
               for a few days and then place in a mat and frame to hang on your wall 
               or perhaps give as a gift.
Here are some pictures that illustrate the process.

This panel exposed for 103 minutes.


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