First Day of Spring Break

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break, will school be back in session in two weeks ... only the BC government knows.
Anyway, because of all the negative news lately, I thought I would make some short videos.  My intention was just to provide people with a little distraction to hopefully get their minds off the world condition.  These films are completely amateur and just an attempt to do something.  Now I just have to edit them and decide if they are good enough to post.  In the meantime, here are some iphotos.
I had been waiting for weeks to get back
into Golden Ears Park and today I finally made it back to Mike Creek.  The water over the falls was flowing at a manageable level, so there was plenty of room to sit down on the rocks with my coffee and just be thankful for what the Lord has provided.
I was working with my Toyo 45 AII and Canon A-1 w/ FD 28-85 F4.0 lens.  On the Toyo, I used both the Schneider 150 and Nikon 75mm lenses.  After spending a relaxing and yet productive time here, I ventured further into the park to Alouette Lake to the North of the boat launch area.  Here I found the water level quite low giving me a lot of choice amidst the tree stumps sticking out of the water.  Very interesting observation however, many of the large stumps has ice formations on their north faces, while the south side that received most of the direct sunlight was dry.  I easily ran out of 35mm film, which today was Ferrania P30.  With the Toyo, I was exposing ILFORD's HP5+ film and when that ran out I finally used up the few sheets of Efke IR 820 film I had lingering in my bag.  To filter the exposures I used my Cokin 007 IR filter.  At Alouette Lake, the lens I chose to work with was my Nikon 210mm.
So tomorrow, I'll reload holders, develop film and bulk roll some HP5+ into a 35mm cassette.  Oh, and also upload day two photo to the Twitter & Negative Positives Podcast Facebook page for the FP4+ party.
If you ever have any questions or comments, please just let me know :)


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