Thanks to the fine efforts of Emulsive's Emitt Brown, Ian Barnaby Nutt, Twitter and Mike Gutterman's Negative Positives Podcast, we have another FP4 party.
Check out the details here.
I went to the Stave Lake Historical Powerhouse to make images on the 7th of March 2020.
I shot one roll of 120 FP4 plus in my Mamiya C330 Pro S using the 105 & 55mm lenses.  My first image was composed with the 105mm lens and from then on I exposed the other eleven images with the 55mm lens. I didn't want to exclude ILFORD's HP5+, so I was also working with 135 format film in my Nikon F2 with the DW-1 finder. Boy, the F2 is a smooth and quite tool to work with, after all these years it still purrs like a kitten!  Moreover, I debated whether to go north-west to Golden Ears by Maple Ridge or just north to the Stave Lake Historical Powerhouse.
Because the weather forecast called for rain, I chose the powerhouse. After working inside for about an hour, I was shocked to see large clumps of snow descending upon the land, but since I was working inside the comfort of the powerhouse, never gave it much of a thought until I finished and had to navigate the drive home. Whilst driving, I skidded to the very edge of a steep fall off, then skid across to the other side of the road with a truck in the other lane but far enough away not to pose a threat. I don't mind telling you that I loudly called out to the Lord Jesus for His help. I managed to gain control and make it safely home where I processed and scanned the film - This day could have easily had a different outcome, Thank You, Lord Jesus. The film was processed for 9 1/2 minutes at 20 degrees Celcius with two inversions every 30 seconds in HC-110(b) developer. My full processing regime was shared in a previous blog post if you are interested. Here are some of the images from today's photo session ...


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