Mention on Negative Positives Podcast #303

Whilst listening to podcast #303 of the Negative Positives Podcast, Mr Mike Gutterman the creator of the podcast had a little mention to me and my work, Thank You very much, Mike :) I sure appreciate it. The segment I'm mentioned in starts at 5 minutes 40 seconds and runs until 12 minutes 55 seconds. But the entire podcast is something to listen to, I'm just pointing out my few seconds of fame here.  Attached is the cover shot from the zine and one of the images from inside.  The second image is of the G5 hydro-turbine at the Stave Lake Historical Powerhouse.  It was featured as the catalogue cover image for the 2019 Fraser Valley Biennale.  It proved a little challenging to print in the darkroom as there were several "hotspots" that really needed to be toned down quite a bit, but in the end, things worked out.  I'm also grateful for the Darkroom Group darkroom where I make my silver-gelatine prints.


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