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Summer 2022

So after teaching summer school - visual arts I had the rest of the summer to figure out what to do. I usually look forward to returning home to the prairies to continue with my documentary work of the changing/disappearing landscape as it relates to a sector of the agricultural industry. That did not happen, so I've been experimenting with very nice black & white infrared film as well as long expired infrared film and making some new lumen and cyanotype prints. A few small trips not too far from Abbotsford and the odd times in a darkroom printing. It is a hot summer, but a little less intense than it was last year, but like I say, I love the summer holiday, bar-none it is fantastic and so necessary, but I do not care for the summer weather of incessant heat! Anyway, here are a few samples from this summer's work. The first one with the beach (Lac Alouette) is on a fairly fresh roll of Rollei IR 400 and was exposed in my Mamiya 645 Pro TL in Golden Ears Park, while the se

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