Pinhole & Digital @ the Saanich Fair

Was at the Saanich Fair again this year, but only with my eleven year old son.
The two of us had a fantastic time and enjoyed the mini-donuts. Ahhhhh the Fair.
He was working the digital camera whilst I was using pinhole cameras again.
Below are a few of his colour images and a few of my pinhole ones.

Here is a weird looking tomato that is quite large.

There were a lot of people at the Fair ... really there was.

An image of a couple of ladies sitting, one working with Llama wool if I'm not mistaken, since this was near the Llamas if I'm not mistaken.

And as last year, curious onlookers and questions, which I answers.
It is nice to see curious people inquire about pinhole imaging, especially in a day and age where here-today-gone-tomorrow technology seems to have steam-rolled its way upon society.
Here are some of his images, which I have retouched somewhat to accentuate the subject matter.
I did take a few digital images of certain subject matter, but that isn't important right now.
Hope you enjoy his images.


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