Konica AutoReflex T3N Camera Pinhole Pics

As mentioned previously (below), here are some of the images I got out of the Konica T3N circa 1975 with my aluminium foil pinhole.
After finishing off the roll downtown on the way to school.  I got to the darkroom and set about figuring out a processing time for the Ilford Delta 3200 speed film, which is an ISO I very seldom use.
There was no time for using D-76 @ 1:1, so I looked at a similar processing time and added 1 minute to the time I gave the film - 10 minutes, and it came out nicely.  I wasn't using fresh fixer and read in the film specs that this particular film requires longer fixing, so I gave it about 12 minutes.
I hung the roll to dry and fanned it, to quicken the process and allow me to print as soon as possible.
I was using Ilford's postcard stock at grade 3.0 (50M) dialled into the enlarger.
I was mildly pleased with the fairly good results from my pinhole diameter calculation, film developement time calculation and the actual prints ... they came out okay.
I must apologise however, as these scanned prints do not do justice to the actual prints I have here.
I dropped off two prints (Bible text, City Hall) for Anthony @ Camera Traders - hopefully he'll see them tomorrow.

 Bible  Text                                                                                                                                                                               


Victoria, BC City Hall

        Prunes from my backyard ... boy is this tree ever loaded


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