Online Teaching & Learning Showcase 2010

I was asked some time last semester by the Online Learning Services to share with other university faculty members & students some of the things I was doing with digital technologies in a face-to-face classroom, something akin to blended learning.
The thing I focused upon was podcasting within the online learning management software:  Moodle.
I was also very surprised to win a door prize ... iPod Shuffle 2GB.
Anyway, it was a good day ... rare for me these days.


  1. What we do not know about you would fill a large book. You are so modest!

    Do not be discouraged, He is looking and sharing in your life. Be blessed!

    You should initiate me to pin hole photog.

  2. Hey Bob I have bookmarked your Blog...thanks for taking a look at mine!
    Kathryn (EPC)


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