An Adventure with 8x10

I rendezvoused with Jim at the Whippletree Junction on the #1 hwy just this side of Duncan.  We had a coffee at a nice little shoppe and then off to his place to swap lens boards for my Schneider 150mm  APO from a smaller Linhof board to a standard 110x110mm board.  Then we went out to Chemanius get a few images of an old locomotive with a tender of old logs set on a piece of track as a monument I suppose.  Jim pointed out what looked like a little fern growing out from a part of the train and I thought that fresh green against the black of the train would be a nice composition.  I was working with my Toyo 45 AII and exposed a few sheets of Velvia 50 and some Acros 100.  Unfortunately, as I was set up, the sun popped out from the clouds.  This was not want we wanted.  The light overcast made for a beautiful soft light ... oh well, I did the best I could with what I had ... i.e., my focusing cloth, I held it up to create a soft shadowy type of light.
  It was time for lunch, found a nice little place downtown and then off to see if more images would find us.  Sure enough mid-afternoon, thinking about heading back home to Victoria as I had to let the dog out ... we came across an interesting scene of hydro lines heading off across the Cowichian River.  The river was far below us whilst the hydro lines extended straight out above us ... across the river ... up and then angled off over a high ridge.  What made the scene attractive was the interplay of light off the hydro lines at different places along them.  It was at this type that Jim kindly offered to let me use his 8x10 ... oh boy ... oh boy what joy.  Finally, now I can say I have used an 8x10, with his help of course.  It is somewhat different from the 4x5 I was working with this day, but enjoyable for sure.  Can't wait to process the sheets which again will be a new experience as I've never tray processed before.  Perhaps I'll post the results if possible when ready.


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