Dr. Ted Grant Interview

Yesterday (Saturday 2013, February 02) I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Ted Grant to interview him for a podcast for my Moodle photography class page.  I teach photography AE 319 in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria and part of my andragogical practice is to enhance my face-to-face class with online learning management, i.e., Moodle.
So, I stopped by Tim Horton's grabbed a couple of coffees and fruit explosion muffins and headed over to Dr. Grant's house.
We met in the comfort of his downstairs den and Ted is such an easy-going guy to interview and photograph.
I was using my little digital Panasonic recorder and photographing with my Mamiya C330f with a the 55mm lens and Ilford HP5+ loaded in the camera.  Now the lighting was quite low - verified by my Sekonic L408 light meter.  Nevertheless, I was able to expose a little more than two rolls of film and after processing/scanning, realised that I had many usable images.
I had prepared a sheet of questions for Ted, and went through most of them, but the digressions were just as fascinating and always welcomed - they added more flavour (if you will) to our discussion.  And that is what is was more than anything else, just a discussion amongst friends.  We talked about some of his photojournalist experiences, advice for amateurs, his famous quote something to the effect of, photographing in colour shows the clothes, but in black & white it shows the soul.
I am very interested in his medical photography projects and hope to see more of his work in this regard.
It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.


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