Darkroom Group Photo Outing

This past Saturday (13 April 2019), a few members of the Darkroom Group based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, met at the Stave Lake Historical Hydro Power Station to photograph within the building.  The day was primarily awash with a downpour, which interrupted my plans to head up to Alouette Lake to photograph tree stumps, so plan B ... the PowerHouse.
I took a couple of rolls of ILFORD HP5 plus with my Mamiya C330 Pro S and the 55mm lens mounted on it.  All anchored with my Sirui 2204 C-fibre tripod.  I didn't expect to find much but ended up borrowing a roll of FP4 plus, so exposed three rolls of film.  It's such a fascinating and comfortable place to photograph.
Once you have visited a site many times the challenge becomes to find something unique and fresh to photograph - I've encountered the same challenge in Victoria's Beacon Hill Park when I use to live in Victoria.  But I think these images show something fresh.  This is not to say that one cannot improve upon a scene that has already been taken - I tend to do this often.  I'm always striving for the best photograph ...


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